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GenoExp - Predict Gene Expression from Genotype

This tool allows you to predict gene expression profiles from genotype alone. After uploading a file of allele values for single nucleotide polymorpohisms (SNPs), imputation is done for the missing SNP values using IMPUTE2, and consequently the prediction of gene expression takes place and is reported. The predictive model is based on Manor & Segal, Robust Prediction of Expression Differences among Human Individuals Using Only Genotype Information, PLoS Genetics , Mar. 2013.

Currently the online software supports prediction of gene expression for only one individual. To predict expression for many individuals you may download our MATLAB code and run it on your machine.

Currently for gene expression we can predict well 232 genes across 14 different tissue types. Not all genes are predictable in all tissue types. To see the list of genes which we can currently predict in each tissue click here.

Currently we support the formats of the following companies: 23andMe and DeCODEme

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