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PIPredictor - Predict your probability to become a Principal Investigator (PI)

Updates (November 2014):

* The PubMed database was updated to include publications up to November 2014

* The submission form can now handle last name with apostrophe (e.g., O'Hara)

* The submission form can now handle multiple last names

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note: if you are NOT the first author but have equal contribution, add a trailing asterisk to that PMID (e.g., 23565060*)

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To obtain a list of your PUBMED IDs, do the following:

(1) Search your own name in the PUBMED site below this list.

(2) Tick the boxes near the papers that you wrote.

(3) Open the 'Display Settings' menu, choose 'PMID List' as the format, change 'Items per page' to show all your papers, hit 'Apply'.

(4) Copy the PubMed IDs to the form above.

For problems and questions, please e-mail PIPredictor