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Online Nucleosomes Position Prediction by Genomic Sequence

This tool allows you to submit a genomic sequence and to recieve a prediction of the nucleosomes positions on it, based on the nucleosome-DNA interaction model that we developed in these papers:

  • Segal et al., "A Genomic Code for Nucleosome Positioning", Nature 2006
  • Field et al., "Distinct Modes of Regulation by Chromatin Encoded through Nucleosome Positioning Signals", PLoS Comp Biol. 2008
  • Kaplan et al., "The DNA-Encoded Nucleosome Organization of a Eukaryotic Genome", Nature 2008
We recommend using the latest version of the model (Version 3), which is applicable to all species. In case you choose to use Version 1, you can either use the yeast and/or the chicken nucleosome-DNA interaction model to produce the predictions. The center of the first sequence will be displayed graphically, and the full results will be provided as a tab delimited file or via Genomica.

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You can provide multiple sequences in fasta format (separate sequences by lines starting with '>' followed by the sequence name). The length of each sequence must be between 147bp and 40kb bp.
Note: Due to boundary effects, we highly recommend that you add at least 5000 bp of flanking sequence around your sequence of interest.

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For problems and questions, please e-mail Eran Segal